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Looking to Invest in property? 

At Compass Property we assist you by creating an investment strategy to give your investments direction and purpose to ensure that your property works hard not you.

We focus on your investments so then you can enjoy your time.

Time is the most valuable thing a person can spend! But can never buy back!

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Compass Property is an agency that works for you

We are specialist with personal and SMSF property investments 

2 Forms of Property Investments

Personal Name

Compass Property

The majority of residential property owners appear on the title with their own name, occasionally in conjunction with a partner.

Buying the property using a personal name enables owners to gain large Tax benefits. 


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Self Managed Super Fund 

Purchasing an investment property through a Self Managed Super Fund is often a good option for those who have already accrued a considerable amount of super. Its a great way to secure your financial future

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We strive in assisting our clients but for us to do so we require knowlgade about your future goals and ambitions for our team to create an investment strategy plan. 

We assist your money to work harder for you! 


Our investment consultants provide you with multiple property options which are alined with your investment strategy plan.

This is done so then you are presented with quality options but you still the final say on the investment you are making.


We carry out detailed research of the areas to be investing into in Australia and then we customise that research to each client and there requirements. 

Investments to Think About

At Compass Property we are focused on ensuring that our clients get into the right properties for there criteria with the future at the heart of the investment.

Solar Powered Properties

Solar Powered Properties 

Off-the Grid properties

Off the Grid Sustainable Properties 

Land and House Packages

Land and House Packages

Utilising Solar power is an environmental investment in your property and the properties future carbon footprint. 

At Compass Property we ensure that the location of your property is the best possible location to provide income and growth for your future.

With off the grid sustainable properties we active the same financial goal but with the usage of environmental friendly product to build the property plus energy saving designs and appliances to reduce your portfolio's carbon footprint.  

Land & House properties are a great addition to property investment portfolio's as they allow you to buy into emerging areas that are highly desirable for young family tenants.

These properties provide capital growth and rental income with minimal maintenance cost and providing large tax benefits.


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