Understanding Personal Name Investments 

Buying investment property in a personal name is attractive because

  • Negative gearing - the investor can offset the loss from the negative geared property against their personal income, and so reduce their personal tax.

  • Loans – A lending ratio of up to 90% of the purchase price is available to investors who buy in their personal name. Note: This only applies to investors on a salary (PAYG) and for a small number of properties. Otherwise, a lending ratio of 80% applies.

  • Transfer taxes - If the property is already in a personal name, it is best to not transfer it to a structure because stamp duty is payable and capital gains tax might also be payable.

Benefits of Investing Through Personal name

  • Easy to set up and manage as income and capital gains are included in the individual's own tax returns.

  • Easier to administer as there is much less paperwork in comparison to other structures.

  • Much less expensive to set up and run.

  • More tax effective, especially if the investment is negatively geared.

  • Tax advantaged if the investment is the family home.

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