Understanding Self Managed Super Funds

As a self managed super fund (SMSF) trustee, you decide how your fund is managed, and control where your money is invested. Our clients often report that having greater visibility over their retirement savings has led to a deeper understanding of how their overall wealth is tracking, giving them more confidence in their investment and lifestyle decisions. 

Is a SMSF right for you and your investments?

Benefits of Investing Through SMSF

  • Superannuation-only tax benefits.

  • A SMSF can borrow to invest in property.

  • Pay a maximum tax rate of only 15% of any money in the Super.

  • Having full control over your investments.

  • Diversify of your investment assets.

  • Live in the investment property once you retire.

  • Pay $0 on Capital Gains tax on investment profits within SMSF.

  • Tax Minimisation.

  • Up to 4 Members within each SMSF Fund.

  • Financial And Legal Risks In Decision Making.

  • Better Quality Investment Research.

  • Lower Costs For Bigger Funds.

  • Quicker Decision Making.

  • Fixed rate Audit fees.

  • Pay for your Life Insurance through your SMSF.

  • Transferring your wealth to the next generation.

  • Asset Protection.

What Are The Requirements For Setting Up A SMSF?

The money is for the sole purpose of retirement and you must:

  • Keep comprehensive records and submit to a SMSF approved auditor

  • Have the financial skills to make the required appropriate decisions

  • Follow an investment path with acceptable risk tolerances

  • Be ready to play the role of a trustee with the responsibility of making decisions that have legal implications

  • Be ready to spend time researching investment opportunities

  • Consider insurance including  life cover, income protection and disability cover for the fund members

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