Understanding Trust Funds

A trust fund is designed to hold and manages assets on someone else's behalf, with the help of a neutral third-party. Trust funds include a grantor, beneficiary, and trustee. The grantor of a trust fund can set terms for the way assets are to be held, gathered, or distributed.

Is a Trust Fund right for you and your investments?

Benefits of Investing Through Trust Funds


  • Asset protection

  • Protecting vulnerable family members

  • Equal share of profits to members of trust

  • % shares of profits to members

  • Tax benefits.

  • protecting assets from bankruptcy or business failure


  • Any income earned by the trust that is not distributed is taxed at the top marginal tax rate

  • Distributions to minor children are taxed at up to 66%

  • The trust cannot allocate tax losses to beneficiaries

  • There are costs involved for establishing and maintaining the trust

  • Running the trust can become particularly difficult when family disputes arise.

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